Non Destructive Testing

Integrity NDE

Integrity NDE is a Non Destructive Testing NDT company specializing in visual testing, ultrasonic thicknesses testing, shear wave testing, magnetic particle testing, positive material identification testing (PMI), penetrant testing, vendor surveillance, 3rd party inspection, and Api 510/570 inspection. INS Is a license and insured company. We offer top quality inspection services anywhere needed. 



We offer work in plants Refinery’s, chemical plants, land rigs, offshore, fabrication shops, and manufacturing shops, etc…

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INS is working hard to include services our customers need.


      • Rope Access
      • Bore Scope
      • Bend Test


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Magnetic particle testing is used to detect surface and sub-surface indications or defects on any ferrite magnetic material. Our INS team is qualified to determine if the indication or defects are acceptable according to applicable standard codes.




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Liquid penetrant testing is used to locate surface defects and variations on pipe and weld surfaces. Our INS team is trained in performing liquid penetrant testing across all industries to determine the application of surface defects.




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PMI is used to verify elemental composition and grade identification of alloys in metals.  A complete PMI program safeguards your facility from alloy mix-ups which can cause costly accidents.


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Our experts in Ultrasonic Testing strictly follow codes AWS D1.1, ASME B31.3, API 1104, Section VIII, and RP2X to provide the highest quality service. Ultrasonic Testing is the utilization of sound waves to determine integrity, material properties, thickness of weld quality, and continuity of an applicable material. We
capture the entire section of the metal using ultrasonic sound waves. We specialize in Shear Wave, Dissimilar Metals, and Thickness.


      • SHEAR WAVE


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Visual Testing (VT), or Visual Inspection, is one of the most traditional methods of inspection. The process includes a specialized technician, not utilizing equipment, to look for any flaws in the storage tanks, piping, pressure valves, and piping and vessels.

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Third party Inspection

Third-party monitoring services. This service ensures the customer that equipment is built, serviced, inspected, function tested, loaded etc. to customer requirements. We ensure that the customer’s procedures and requirements are followed from start to finish. This in turn will validate procedures and process that the customer has put in place. This will ensure a safer work environment and reduce downtime and cost due to equipment failures.


Our mechanical integrity programs reduce your workload so you can focus on other pressing matters.


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API 510/570 MECHANICAL inspection

Mechanical integrity programs regular testing and inspection created on (Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices). The testing (NDT) and inspection (API 510, and API 570 through the entire life-cycle of processing equipment reduces the likelihood of equipment failure due to corrosion and a variety of other damage mechanisms.



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